How Do I Choose Lipstick Color?

Lipstick Color

Lipstick is an essential makeup item that adds a pop of color to the lips, enhancing the overall appearance of the face. But with so many shades available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect lipstick color. Selecting the right lipstick color can make a significant difference in one’s appearance, whether it’s for a formal occasion or everyday wear. In this blog, we will explore some tips on how to choose the perfect lipstick color.

Understanding Skin Undertones

Before choosing a lipstick color, it’s crucial to understand your skin undertones. Whether you have a light or dark complexion, your skin has subtle undertones that are hidden under the surface. The predominant undertones are neutral, warm, and chilly. Cool undertones have a pink or blueish hue, while warm undertones have a yellow or golden hue.

Neutral undertones have a mix of both cool and warm tones, which can make choosing a lipstick color a little easier. If you have cool undertones, you should opt for lipstick shades that have blue or pink undertones, such as mauve, berry, and cool reds. For those with warm undertones, choose shades that have a golden or yellow undertone, such as orange, warm reds, and coral. Neutral undertones can choose from a wide range of shades, from cool pinks to warm nudes.

Determining Skin Tone

Another crucial factor in choosing the perfect lipstick color is understanding your skin tone. Skin tones are usually categorized into three categories – fair, medium, and deep. If you have a fair complexion, you should opt for light, delicate shades that complement your skin, such as light pinks, soft corals, and nude shades.  Medium skin tones can experiment with a broader range of shades, including brighter colors such as oranges, deeper reds, and browns. For those with deeper skin tones, rich shades like plums, dark reds, and browns work well.

Considering Occasion

The occasion for which you plan to wear the lipstick should also play a role in choosing the right color. For instance, if you’re attending a formal event or a business meeting, you may want to opt for a classic, neutral shade such as a nude or a muted red. On the other hand, if you’re heading out to a party, a bold and bright shade like a hot pink or red may be the perfect choice.

Determining Lip Shape

Another factor to consider when choosing a lipstick color is the shape of your lips. Certain shades can enhance or diminish the appearance of your lips. For example, if you have thin lips, you may want to opt for lighter shades such as nudes, pinks, or light corals, as they can give the illusion of a fuller pout. If you have fuller lips, bold colors such as reds or deep plums can be the perfect choice.

Seasonal Considerations

Seasonal changes can also play a role in choosing the perfect lipstick color. During the summer months, bright and bold shades work well, while in the winter, deeper shades like reds, plums, and berry hues complement the season’s darker clothing choices.

Lipstick Color

Matching Makeup

When selecting a lipstick color, it’s important to consider the rest of your makeup. If you’re opting for a bold lip color, keep the rest of your makeup minimalistic, with neutral eyeshadows and a simple liner. If you’re going for a neutral lip, you can experiment with a bolder eyeshadow or liner to make your eyes pop.

Trying Before Buying

One of the most crucial tips when choosing a lipstick color is trying the shade before buying. It’s crucial to test the shade on your lips or the back of your hand to see how it appears against your complexion since what looks beautiful on the container may not necessarily look well on your skin tone. It’s also important to note that different lighting conditions can affect how a color appears, so it’s best to try the lipstick color in natural light.

Matte or Glossy Finish

When choosing a lipstick color, it’s also important to consider the finish – whether it’s matte or glossy. Matte lipsticks provide a more sophisticated, polished look and are best suited for formal occasions. Glossy lipsticks, on the other hand, provide a more youthful, fun look and are best suited for casual occasions.

Choosing the Right Formula

Lipsticks come in different formulas, such as cream, matte, sheer, satin, and liquid. Each formula has its own unique properties, and it’s essential to choose the right formula based on your needs. Cream lipsticks provide full coverage and moisturization, making them perfect for everyday wear. Matte lipsticks offer a long-lasting, intense color but can be drying on the lips, so it’s essential to keep your lips moisturized. Sheer lipsticks offer a natural, subtle color that’s perfect for a no-makeup makeup look. Satin lipsticks provide a creamy texture with a subtle sheen, while liquid lipsticks provide a long-lasting, transfer-proof finish.

Consider Your Personality

Lastly, it’s important to consider your personality when choosing a lipstick color. Lipstick is a form of self-expression and can reflect your mood, personality, and style. If you’re someone who loves to experiment with bold colors and stand out, bright shades like red, fuchsia, or orange may be perfect for you. If you’re someone who prefers a more subdued look, neutral shades like nudes or soft pinks may be the ideal choice.


Choosing the perfect lipstick color can be a daunting task, but with these tips, you can find the right shade that complements your skin tone, enhances your lips, and reflects your personality. Remember to consider your skin undertones, skin tone, occasion, lip shape, seasonal changes, makeup, finish, formula, and personality when selecting a lipstick color. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new colors and experiment with different shades until you find the perfect match. Happy lipstick shopping!

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